Our Programs

With our advancement of knowledge and experience in the industry, we are committed to provide our services to the community, guide our colleagues and future generation. We endeavor to enhance the personal and professional quality of our colleagues in Florida through our programs.

Why Join Us?

FIPOFBy joining the FIPOF you will be amongst friends, colleagues, and peers, who share your interest, concern, and dedication, to the profession. The strength of the association relies on individual members like you, who are committed to making an impact on the field of medicine. The FIPOF mission is to help our colleges and the community and live together. The combined resources provided by FIPOF members are applied to:

Develop a program in continuing medical education (CME) to ensure that FIPOF members remain abreast of rapidly occurring advances across the various medical specialties.

Advocate for national health policies that improve the quality and availability of health care, particularly to Indian American population.

Conduct public education to prevent health problems and promote healthy lifestyles among Indian American population.

Promote and support biomedical research that contributes to the advancement of knowledge and treatment of diseases, disabilities and adverse health problems that disproportionately or differentially affect Indian American.

Join us in our efforts and be a force of change in health care and your community. 

Current Programs

  • Serving Charity Organizations

    We extend our service to charity organizations including Caridad center to the people who cannot afford medical care financially.

  • Community Awareness

    We reach out beyond the walls of hospitals and clinics to share valuable health information with area residents. We offer health-education programs and events and also partner in community efforts. We support civic, social and cultural programs to raise awareness of health issues and promote wellness.

  • Peer Mentoring Service

    We provide a guided mentorship program for our colleges and daughters of female physicians of Indian origin, physicians in training and pre-medical undergraduate students.

  • Guiding Future Generation

    We share our knowledge to guide the next generation in the right direction at the right time with their admission process and choosing their carrier with passion.

Our Events

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